Professional Qualifications


  • State of California Licensed Contractor #: 842536
    • “A” General Engineering License
    • “C-10” Electrical License
  • State of California Certified SBE (Small Business Enterprise) 
  • State of Washington Licensed Contractor #: SUMMISI872K1    
  • State of Oregon Licensed Contractor #: 200365


Summit Signal, Inc. was incorporated in February of 2003 by Pete Mihelcic and Danny Mihelcic. Pete and Danny originally came from an extensive background of heavy construction, underground utilities, installations, and interconnects.

Summit Signal, Inc. is experienced in a variety of railroad signal projects.  As Summit Signal, Inc. completed smaller projects and moved onto larger projects, they naturally progressed into signal maintenance and into troubleshooting and upgrading existing grade crossings, as well as installing brand new grade crossings from the foundation to cutover and testing.


  • Signatory to BRS - Brotherhood of Railroad Signalmen
  • Incorporated 10 years, Over 55 years of Combined Experience
  • State of California Certified Small Business/Micro Business Certified
  • Effective Safety Programs
  • Railroad Roadway Worker Protection Policies
  • Zero Tolerance Alcohol & Drug Policies
  • Quality Workmanship & On-Time Job Completions
  • Flexible Work Schedules (Day, Night, & Swing Shifts)
  • Experienced Signalmen, Signal Engineers, & Heavy Equipment Operators
  • Member: CSLRA (California Short Line Railroad Association)
  • Member: RSSI (Railway Systems Suppliers Inc.)

 “Safety is First and Foremost. Expect a Train or Equipment at ANY time, in ANY direction, on ANY track.”

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